Opportunity Knocks!

So, we have a potential site for our new ¼ mile dragstrip. It’s south of Campbell River on the west side of the Inland Island highway near the Cranberry Lane turnoff. Has great access from the highway.

Our challenge now is to show there is sufficient interest in this project and to show we can raise the required funds to make it happen. We are looking at a “buy a foot of the dragstrip” plan, with a goal of selling all 4000 feet of the strip for $1000 per foot. A pledge of cash or in-kind donations both works.


Now it’s time to show we’re serious!

Please fill out the pledge form below to show that we have the support of racers and the business community to build this facility for the good of the Island.  We need money and/or donation of in-kind work or items needed to build a complete facility. If you are involved in the construction business or can supply items such as concrete, asphalt, fencing, concrete barriers, road building equipment, labour or anything else we are going to need.

Think Big.  Once we’ve shown that we have the support needed, we can accommodate your payment plan.  

Let's turn up the heat!$4,000,000.00

Pledge for Services and Materials

We need materials, skilled workers… to build our drag strip, please list below how you can contribute and the estimated value of your contribution.

Cash Donation

$1,000 minimum donation.

If you’re ready to donate right now, we can accommodate. Any money donated will be refunded in full if we don’t reach our goal. A separate secure account with the RBC has been opened for construction of the facility. You can donate by cheque payable to Vancouver Island MotorSports Association PO box 671, Campbell River, BC V9W 6J3, or E-transfer to fundraiser@vimsa.ca. Contact us at info@vimsa.ca.  



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VIMSA brings motorsports enthusiasts together to create a permanent drag racing facility on Vancouver Island.