Pay Dues

Here are some instructions to renew your membership to VIMSA (whether it’s expired or not), you can either print this page or open a new tab in your browser to follow the step by step instructions.


1. You first have to log in, to do so, click on the “Login” menu on the left

2. Enter your username and password, if you don’t remember your password, you can click on “I forgot my password” in order to reset it


3. Once logged in, click on Subscriptions:


4. If your subscription has ended, you can renew it by clicking on “Subscribe”


5. You can use Paypal or Stripe to pay with your Credit Card and click on the button to checkout:


6. Enter your Credit Card number, the expiry date and the three digits behind your card (all on the same line):


7. Once payment is successful, you’ll receive an email confirming your transaction.


Thank you for your support!

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VIMSA brings motorsports enthusiasts together to create a permanent drag racing facility on Vancouver Island.